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Tonight, Saturday March 25th from 8:30 to 9:30, I’ll be doing my part to celebrate humankind’s ascendence over the bare subsistence and misery that was ubiquitous until just the last few centuries. Human Achievement Hour is sponsored by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) to celebrate the incredible technological miracles  brought forth by human ingenuity and free markets:

Originally launched as the counter argument to the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Earth Hour, where participants renounce the environmental impacts of modern technology by turning off their lights for an hour, Human Achievement Hour challenges people to look forward rather than back to the dark ages.

Symbolically or not, Earth Hour is a misguided effort that completely ignores how modern technology allows societies to develop new and more sustainable practices, like helping people around the world be more eco-friendly and better conserve our natural resources.

While Earth Hour supporters may suggest rolling brown-outs in India are desirable, we respectfully disagree. Instead of sitting in the dark, Human Achievement Hour promotes new ideas and celebrates the technology and innovation that will help solve the world’s environmental challenges.”

The following are suggestions from CEI as to how you can participate in the celebration. I’ll take them up on the third and sixth items on this list, just as I have for the past several years.

  • Use your phone or computer to connect with friends and family
  • Watch a movie or your favorite television show
  • Drink a beer or cocktail
  • Drive a car or take a ride-sharing service
  • Take a hot shower
  • Or, in true CEI fashion, celebrate reliable electricity that has saved lives, by bringing heat and air conditioning to people around the world, and keep your lights on for an hour

Light up the night! Here are a couple of links with information on the worldwide progress in improving human living conditions:

The Human Progress Blog

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We are winning the war against starvation, disease and poverty around the globe, though progress can seem frustratingly gradual in real time. Nevertheless, over the sweep of history, we are winning the battle in a dramatic way.