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Hot Air paraphrases Vox: “Obama can’t govern, so let’s repeal the 22nd Amendment.” I’d be more amused if a third term in office (or lifetime?) wasn’t getting to be such a preoccupation with the President’s leftist, statist base. First, the argument goes, it is “the unwieldy structure of the American political system which is to blame” for Obama’s troubled second term. And a dysfunctional Congress that “just won’t do its job,” but Congressional inaction reflects a nation that is polarized on many issues. Oh, the laments of would-be tyrants!

Former Obama advisor Lawrence Summers’ view is discussed by Hot Air’s Noah Rothman: “Summers does not … recommend the outright repeal of the 22nd Amendment. ‘… my guess is that problems caused by lame-duck effects are much smaller than those caused by a toxic combination of hubris and exhaustion after the extraordinary effort that a president and his team must exert to achieve reelection,’ Summers noted.”

Toxic indeed. The president’s assertions of executive authority have already been described by some as a constitutional coup d-etat. Better not let it get out of hand.