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I love this little uproar over appropriate attire for air travel. I’m guilty of wearing jeans, or shorts when I travel to warmish climes, but hey, I wear nice shirts! Mark Perry quotes Larry David on the subject, complete with a video from “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Perry and Glen Reynolds both link to an article in Slate, “In defense of looking nice for your flight or train ride.” This quote is nice:

Alas, the general lack of respect for travel, itself, as a worthwhile human experience, seems to be the root of this lazy dressing phenomenon. Many of us act as if we’re trying to create a private, instantaneous bridge through folded space-time between our bedrooms and our hotel rooms by flying in our pajamas or busing behind oversized sunglasses; the bad news is, barring a sudden forward leap in technology, wormhole creation is impossible.

Reynolds agrees that you’ll be treated better if you don’t look like a slob; he likes to wear a sport coat for air travel because of the extra pockets. He also quotes Jon Hamm on the movie ‘Endless Summer‘ from a Facebook post: “These two surfer dudes travel the world to find the best waves, but whenever they got on a plane, they put on coats and ties.”