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Here is interesting perspective from the Institute For Justice on an issue that is often blown out of proportion: money in politics. The graphic above from IJ tells the story. From the IJ post:

Americans spend more money on Halloween candy, parties and costumes than was spent by all federal candidates, PACs and party committees combined in the last presidential election cycle.

This comparison is a striking contrast to the rhetoric of totalitarians who wish to cast aside First Amendment rights by restricting political spending. Yes, campaign ads can be tiresome, but they usually convey information, and the loudest complaints seem to come from factions who simply don’t like what their opposition is saying. From IJ Attorney Paul Stevens:

… campaign spending is nothing to be afraid of. This money is spent persuading American voters about the most important issues of the day. In a democracy with more than 200 million voting-age citizens, the amount Americans spend on campaigns is neither scary nor unreasonable.