Tomorrow, March 19 is the one-year anniversary of my first blog post on Sacred Cow Chips (SCC). This is my 242nd post and traffic is increasing. Please forgive this bit of self-congratulation, but I think 242 in a year is okay for a guy with a fairly busy professional and family life, plus a few other hobbies. My earliest posts tended to be brief. More recently, I’ve been unable to keep my posts down to a paragraph or two, but perhaps I’ll try to add some shorter posts to the mix in the future. I also had frequent formatting issues in my first month or two of blogging, some of which remain uncorrected. That’s my fault, but in my defense, the editing software on WordPress at the time was primitive compared to subsequent upgrades.

I confess to some self-inflicted pressure to “feed the monster”, to post something after any absence of a few days. Fortunately, finding inspiration for posts is simple. There is always a surfeit of tempting memes on social media, and traditional media provide a steady stream of questionable commentary. And then there are the politicians. Of course, I have some favorite blogs and sites from which I draw ideas on a regular basis.

I have been using the most basic WordPress account plan, which imposes some limits on features and formats. Among other shortcomings, the text on SCC always looks too large to me. I plan on upgrading to a premium plan in the next few days. That might interfere with regular posting activity as I arrange a new format, but we’ll see how it goes.

If you are following my blog, thank you, and I hope you’ll keep visiting. It’s a lot of fun for me! In the meantime, Happy Anniversary, SCC!