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Obamacare: Some high-risk individuals have gained cheaper health coverage under the ACA. Some previously uninsured individuals will now have coverage. But as a consequence, direct harm has been caused to other individuals, and the financial costs have been massive. Just take a look here. The positive outcomes could have been accomplished with much less strife, but that’s another post. Here, I’m merely taking inventory of the abject failure that is Obamacare:

28 delays and extensions: Obama has done more to repeal Obamacare than the GOP could have hoped to accomplish themselves, (but these actions are of questionable legality). That’s the good news.

Only 14% Of Obamacare Exchange Sign-Ups Are Previously Uninsured Enrollees.

The Administration conducted a wholly dishonest campaign to “sell” the law to the public (“if you like your plan you can keep it”), and the dishonest PR spin continues.

Waived mandates for the President’s cronies.

Roughly 5M lose their individual coverage.

Big premiums hikes (30% in CA, and often higher elsewhere), with strong likelihood of more increases for next year due to adverse selection on the exchanges.

Networks under Obamacare have been thinned in an attempt to reduce costs. Will you really keep your doctor?

Full-time positions become part-time positions (this is likely to resume as the now-delayed employer mandate approaches).

Web site failures impose private costs of untold hours on would-be applicants.

Massive implementation costs, including an often demented ad campaign on the taxpayer dime.

Massive subsidies inflate the federal deficit.

A panoply of new taxes.