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Here are seven reasons birth control pills shouldn’t require a prescription, offered by Adrianna McIntyre in Vox. There is much concern over “access” to contraceptives in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision. While any new concern is largely misplaced, the biggest impediments to access might well be the prescription status of these drugs and their cost. Making contraceptives available over-the-counter would do a great deal to reduce these problems while leaving everyone else with a clear conscience. In fact, it would greatly improve access for the uninsured, a group which will remain large despite the best intentions of Obamacare supporters. As the Vox article notes, physicians support the move to make contraceptives available OTC, and it is highly feasible politically, though support will be contingent on certain safeguards, such as restrictions on sales to minors. Otherwise, it is a classic “small government” solution.