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If you’re not sure why schools should be reopened immediately, read this thread by Rory Cooper. He begins:

Public health and pediatric health experts overwhelmingly are advocating for children to return to schools full-time. They recognize that the risks are far outweighed by the damage currently being done. Here are just some examples:”

Cooper links to 14 articles and op-eds by (or quoting) pediatricians, pediatric disease experts, psychologists, and others in favor of reopening schools. Literally thousands of experts in pediatric medicine are represented at these links, as well as professional associations. Also in the thread, Cooper provides direct quotes from eminent pediatric infectious disease experts on the wisdom of reopening schools, both because the risk is low and the harm from failing to do so is massive.

If you remain unconvinced and believe that in-person instruction represents a mortal threat to teachers, perhaps you’re under the sway of specious arguments made by politically powerful teachers unions. Most teachers (including my middle school teaching daughter) know know it’s safe to return to school, but union leaders are intent on holding public education hostage. As I wrote last month, the hoped-for ransom consists of massive commitments for increased public funding and prioritized vaccination ahead of those at substantially greater risk. The naked politics of this putsch is revealed by instances such as accusations of racism against proponents of reopening, when in fact minority students are suffering the most from school closures. This shameful episode must end now, but too many politicians are beholden to the teachers unions and dare not cross them.