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Do you wear a mask whenever you step outside? In your yard? At the beach? In the park? On an empty sidewalk? Then congratulations! You are a colossal imbecile, like all the others in the mandatory mask crowd. Now, Joe Biden, in an attempt to prove either dementia or a full-fledged alliance with irredeemably lefty Karens, is demanding a three-month nationwide mandate for masks to be worn by everyone … OUTDOORS!

Really, what kind of moron believes there is any real danger of contracting coronavirus outside short of close and prolonged exposure to an infected individual? We know outdoor transmission is extremely rare. Nearly 100% of cases are contracted indoors, almost always in tight, poorly ventilated spaces.

It’s not hard to fathom why outdoor environments are of such low risk. Outdoors, air is of such enormous volume that virus particles are quickly diluted, dramatically reducing any viral load one might encounter. Air circulation is much better outdoors as well, driven by differences in temperatures across lateral and vertical space. Any breeze effectively disperses the particles. And those small loads drifting through open air won’t survive long: the ultraviolet waves in direct sunlight tend to kill it very quickly. Humidity is also associated with more rapid deactivation of the virus. Air tends to be more humid outdoors whenever forced air heating or air conditioning are used without sufficient humidification.

Cloth masks, in any case, may be effective against transmission by droplets expelled from coughs or sneezes, but they are of questionable value against transmission by aerosols from exhaled air. Outside, if you are distanced, you really have only aerosols to worry about. Under those circumstances, cloth masks are more for show than anything else.

And on what pretext do officials, or your nitwitted neighbors, get the idea that mandatory masks OUTSIDE is in the interest of public health? I mean, besides buying-in to a ridiculous nanny-state narrative promoted by the media? Well, there is also some crap “research” to consider. Here is a good example: a study on masks from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). Take a look at what these guys tried to pull off…  Here’s what KDHE hoped would serve as “proof” of the dramatic efficacy of masks:

Wow! Notice two things in this chart: 1) the two lines are plotted with respect to different vertical axes; and 2) the chart begins on July 12th. Now take a look at a longer history in which the lines are plotted against the same axis.

It certainly doesn’t appear that the mandate beginning on July 3 had a favorable impact on new cases. What KDHE did here was incredibly dishonest, and I applaud the Kansas Policy Institute and it’s publication The Sentinel (linked above) for calling out KDHE for their dishonest piece of crap.

Other studies have exaggerated the general efficacy of masks as well. It’s also noteworthy that Europe’s medical establishment is unimpressed with masks. And after all, to my knowledge there have been no randomized control trials supporting the efficacy of masks — the only acceptable form of test according to Anthony Fauci! Now, none of that means masks don’t reduce COVID transmission. I happily wear a mask when I enter public buildings. What’s at issue here is whether masks should be required outdoors. Furthermore, I dispute the notion that a nationwide mask mandate is needed, because not all localities are at equal risk. I’m an advocate of the federalist principle that the best state and local solutions are crafted at the state and local levels. And at a personal level, I say ignore the intrusive bastards. Get outside in the fresh air, and forget the mask if you have some space.